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  • Marwa Kaabour

UN Climate Change

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

The bottom line is: our kids' future heavily depends on the actions we take today.

As the world leaders gather in Sharm El Sheikh to discuss the dire climate situation, our leader and President H.H. Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan stressed that it is imperative that the whole world partners together to address climate issues, with a spirit of determination and optimism.

Man Talking on the Podium

Although, by virtue of geology, the oil & gas in the UAE is considered among the least carbon-intensive, the country was the first to ratify the Paris Agreement committing to cut its carbon emissions.

Not only that, but it has taken proactive steps with the US to direct investments of USD 100 million to generate 100 gigawatts in renewable energy.

With robust strategies, projects, and protocols in place, the UAE is blazing its path to the transition to alternate resources and technologies. There’s a lot that world countries can do to further drive the much-needed climate-change action.

The time is now to work together, because we only have ONE planet, and its future affects us all.


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