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  • Marwa Kaabour

Transformation with Adaptation of Automation

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

In last week’s panel on 'Transformation with Adaptation of Automation' at the Logistics News ME Forum, we came to learn of the latest trends in the world of transforming and automating services in the Logistics sector.

Panel on a Logistics Forum 2023 Event

David Dronfield explained the importance of setting realistic objectives on transformation and for companies to see the future through the lens of their own needs rather than the technological trends that are out there in the market. This would be the key to the successful execution of a transformation strategy.

Alain Kaddoum spoke on the advances that have taken place in warehousing technologies and how the markets in the region have become receptive to advancing their warehousing needs through automation.

Majda Rochdi spoke about the advancements in the trucking industry & how the UD Trucks brand has been embracing automation at the core of its product design which in turn has produced data that can immensely help in fleet management and optimization.

The panel shared their experience on how to build a blueprint for executing an automation plan and how the human element remains the core nucleus of success for any transformation process.

The panelists shared with us interesting insights on how humans are willing to work with smart machines such as drones and robotics in the hope of taking on more advanced jobs and skill sets.

The verdict was that companies remain responsible for upgrading the deliveries of their human workforce in order to align their transformation strategy to their social impact.

Touching on the state of affairs for society at large, there was no doubt that sustainability was discussed and that it has impacted the sector and will have its influence on future technologies which in turn has pushed for the delivery of upgraded software and machinery that if used properly will contribute to the lower carbon footprint.

I am grateful to Joaquim D'CostaVibha MehtaKasun Illankoon for inviting me to moderate this panel.

I also thank the panelists for their time and insightful contribution.


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