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  • Marwa Kaabour

Marwa Kaabour's New Book Is A Strategic Guide For Marcomms Professionals Who Want To Make An Impact

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

In recent years, as a result of the pandemic and turbulent economic shifts, the role of marketing has changed, and many marketers have become change agents. Unlike in the past, when marketing was primarily concerned with expansion and publicity, it now plays a fundamental role in driving change. This includes redefining business propositions, addressing the shift to virtual economies and digital spaces, delivering meaningful business offerings, and addressing acute business challenges. With technology, it is easier for marketers to reach consumers, but consumers are inundated with messages, making the quality of marketing messages more detrimental to their success than in the past.

If you are in the field of Marketing, you'll need to up your game and become a 'newer' version of yourself and what you deliver on behalf of your brands.

Thank you Entrepreneur Middle East for the interview.

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