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  • Marwa Kaabour

Green Marketing and Sustainable Practices

With the UAE annoucing 2024 another Year of Sustianability keeping the climate crisis in focus prompts reflections on our role as marketers. 🌿 Balancing brand promotion with values like sustainability is a challenge we embrace. #GreenMarketing and #Sustainability are reshaping our industry.


Green marketing goes beyond selling eco-friendly products; it's a genuine commitment to understanding our #EnvironmentalImpact. We need to ensure actions align with promises, avoiding greenwashing and embracing transparency.


To truly embody green marketing:

1. Engage in #EthicalCommunication 🗣️

2. Ensure product claims are specific and factual 📊

3. Regularly communicate #SustainabilityActivities and results 📢


Sustainability extends beyond the environment to #Diversity, #Inclusion, and societal well-being. It's about thriving businesses that contribute positively. With #ClimateChange, sustainability is no longer optional; it's a #BusinessImperative.

One thing I am proud of recently working on is Al Masaood's Sustainability Report. You can read the report here:


As marketing pros, we wield the power to influence and drive change. Dive into these concepts and get practical tips in my book "Marketing and Communications on the Job" on Amazon. You can grab your copy here:



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