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  • Marwa Kaabour

Marketing Communications on the Job: An Invaluable Resource by Marwa Kaabour

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Thank you, Walid Youssef and team ARB UAE for the kind thoughts.

This means a lot. #Teamwork

Thank you, Marwa, Marwa Kaabour ☀️ for sharing your book on Marketing Communications with me and for taking the time to sign it. Your insights and strategies are invaluable to anyone looking to succeed in this field. Al MasaoodARB EmiratesJason Xavier DassMarwa Kaabour ☀️ Your book is an excellent resource for anyone looking to establish a department and succeed in the competitive market . ARB Emirates Team are really honored to have you as marketing support. All time Best. #marketing#communications#expertise#success#UAE#communicationsexpert#teamwork#expertadvice#arbemirate#arb4x4

Walid Youssef with Marwa Kaabour

Walid Youssef with Marwa Kaabour


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