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  • Marwa Kaabour

PR: An Underrated Tool in Building Corporate Culture

Public relations is much more than just a tool for external communication. It can play a fundamental role in building and maintaining a healthy corporate culture which is key to any company’s success. A well-executed PR strategy is like turning two locks with one key – a positive reputation for the company on the outside, as well a healthy internal environment with high morale and productivity.

 A healthy corporate culture is characterized by a shared set of values and practices that influence the behavior and performance of employees. In PR speak, this translates to shaping the narrative around these values and ensuring that they are effectively communicated, implemented, and embodied across an organization.

Here are a few ways that PR can be a game-changer in creating a much more productive and content workplace culture: 

1.      Internal Communication: Transparent and consistent communication within the organization is essential. This includes frequent meetings and forums, newsletters, active intranet platforms, and avenues for employees to provide feedback and raise concerns. You can’t put a price on openness and transparency within a company. 

2.      Leadership Up Close and Personal: Leadership should be simple and accessible. Promoting thought leadership via social media, digital channels, and exclusive employee-only channels can help break hierarchical barriers while promoting a company’s vision and values to inspire employees.

3.      CSR and ESG: Taking real actions that make a difference to the environment and the community can build a brand that is sound from the inside out. Furthermore, communicating this impact and keeping employees in the loop can really foster a sense of loyalty and belonging.

4.      Employee Engagement and Advocacy: Celebrating achievements, acknowledging milestones, and sharing success stories can go a long way in contributing to a positive environment. Happy and engaged employees are the best advocates for a company.

By strategically using PR, companies can successfully foster a culture that values employee contribution, encourages innovation, and promotes an organization’s overall goals and values. When done right, this leads to increased employee satisfaction, a highly engaged workforce, and a more resilient organization.

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