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  • Marwa Kaabour

Did you read Bloomberg's 'Sorry, but LinkedIn is Coll Now?'

☯ Amidst the noise of shifting algorithms and content saturation, LinkedIn is quietly reinventing itself as the platform where #authenticity and professionalism coexist harmoniously.

🔝 While other #socialmedia platforms stagnate, LinkedIn is seeing a 41% increase in content sharing since 2021.

▶ What's driving this shift? Is it the realization that LinkedIn is the last bastion of genuine self-promotion? While other platforms change their algorithms constantly, making it harder for users to gain profile engagement, LinkedIn offers a steadiness.

▶ The platform's tie to work creates a compelling narrative – it's not just about endorsing someone for #leadership, but also about showcasing one's own journey in the professional sphere. #GenZ and #Millennials are turning to LinkedIn not just to mark their career milestones but also to share their personal #growth. 🔆

▶ The once-dismissed earnestness of LinkedIn posts is evolving into strategic and socially acceptable self-expression. By creating content partnerships and offering a diverse range of media formats, the platform is actively reshaping the way professionals engage with the online world. It's not just about visibility; it's about value.

But, what does this shift mean for #marketers ? Are we moving from a world of ‘instant’ to long term ‘collaboration’? What are your thoughts?

As we continue to navigate this digital age, it will be interesting to see which platform will next capture our collective imagination.

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