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  • Marwa Kaabour

Marwa Kaabour Top LinkedIn Voice

▶ If you ask me how I spend my time, I'll tell you mostly online. But not online as in TikTok and YouTube Shorts. 

▶ I genuinely spend time either sharing knowledge or gaining some. I am an avid reader and marketing blogger and have always found hashtag#LinkedIn to be my kind of platform. I share my viewpoints, contribute to articles, and publish insights. 😊

Marwa Kaabour Top LinkedIn Voice
Marwa Kaabour Top LinkedIn Voice

💥 And so I am very happy to learn that I have gained 5 LinkedIn Top Voice badges:

🏆 Top Marketing Voice 

🏆Top Internal Communications Voice 

🏆Top Branding Voice 

🏆Top Product Marketing Voice 

🏆Top Team Building Voice

💫 This recognition means so much to me because it reflects the passion and dedication I have for sharing knowledge and insights in Marketing and Corporate Communication. 

💫I firmly believe in using platforms like LinkedIn not just for socializing, but for fostering meaningful discussions and promoting new ideas. 🌱

💫If you wish to learn more about this field, I encourage you to buy my book which I have dedicated to aspiring marketers in the field. 📚  Here is the link: 

I want to thank everyone who supported me and have encouraged me on this journey. 🙏 

Let's continue to learn, grow, and inspire each other! 🚀 


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