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  • Marwa Kaabour

Content Goes Local for Grand Turismo

They say the exhilaration of putting the pedal to the metal can never be expressed enough.

↘ I’m very curious to understand how racers feel on the track – when everything whizzes by in fractions of a milli-second, yet time stops as if being in an isolated bubble.

#Nissan as brand has always understood this thrill, and broke barriers by introducing its GT Academy in 2008. The brand rolled out the radical ‘gamer-to-racer’ competition, in a bold move that transformed the best of Gran Turismo gamers into professional motorsports race drivers.

↘Sharing the electrifying thrill with our Abu Dhabi community, Al Masaood Automobiles & #Nissan supported the premiere launch of the Gran Turismo film in the capital, allowing viewers to get a real glimpse of what it takes to ‘make it to the podium’.

This one is for the racers and lovers of the adrenaline rush.


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