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  • Marwa Kaabour

Guests of Book Launch: Saana Azzam

I was honored to have the one and only Saana Azzam host my book launch event.

During the event Sanaa and I spoke about the inspiration of launch a book about marketing and communications on the job. There are numerous books on marketing in every library and bookstore in the world, and they all have one thing in common: they are filled with theories that sound good on paper but cannot be implemented by everyone. Many of these books are authored by university professors or chief marketing officers of the world's largest and most prestigious brands. They derive insights from best-in-class companies in an admirable manner, but their points may not be applicable to the remaining 90% of businesses, which lack the resources and time to create case studies on award-winning work. This book is not a work of literature; rather, it is a practical guide with tried-and-true frameworks and checklists that can assist any business in conducting marketing on a holistic scale.

Let's acknowledge a universal truth: economies all over the world are comprised of SMEs and small businesses, the majority of which lack sophisticated marketing departments and rely heavily on market knowledge to decipher the disciplines. This book makes Marketing and corporate communications accessible to business owners, CEOs, and other executives transitioning into marketing from sales or another field.

Saana Azzam known as a “Chief Inspiration Officer” for businesses globally and an international award-winning economist, Forbes contributor, and CEO of The Middle East leading speaker’s bureau, MENA Speakers.

In addition to providing keynotes to conferences and events around the world, Saana has become the region’s number one expert on public speaking.

Thank you Sanaa for making my book launch very special. You can order your copy of the book on amazon;


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