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  • Marwa Kaabour

Detaching from Hyperconectivity

📲 In a hyper-connected world, where the digital realm constantly vies for our attention, I've found the key to truly savoring my time off is the art of a digital detox. It all begins with taking a step back from the relentless digital interactions.

📲Living in a region known for some of the world's highest connectivity rates, it's easy to see why we need a break. Did you know that the average person in the UAE spends over 8.5 hours a day glued to their screens? Some have even developed a fear and anxiety from not having mobile phone connectivity. This is what I refer to as "Nomophobia”, a topic that I often speak up about, considering its profound impact, especially in the past year. Anxiety and stress often stem from juggling countless tasks and interactions, which is why I always ensure a conscious disconnect.

📔 As a writer, I've found solace in journaling. Interestingly enough, I've noticed that my journaling takes on a whole new depth when my phone is out of reach, and I am entirely free from the grasp of technology.

As the weather cools down, I invite you to come out of your comfort zone and rediscover the simple pleasures of life.

👟 Explore the joy of physical pursuits like solving puzzles, mastering chess, engaging in a sport, or taking a long, serene stroll in nature. Opt for activities that soothe rather than overstimulate your mind - think reading a book over binge-watching shows. Reconnect with the world around you and, most importantly, with yourself.


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