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  • Marwa Kaabour

Its World Book Day!

📗 This World Book Day, we celebrate how books can open doors to fresh ideas and perspectives. As a marketer and author, I treasure how they keep us abreast of industry trends, inspire and motivate us to embrace new challenges.


📙 My latest book, “Marketing & Communications on the Job,” reflects my commitment to these ideals, offering practical insights for navigating our dynamic marketing and communications professional landscape.


📚 Books not only enrich our personal growth but also promote broader goals such as reading for all, supporting the publishing industry, and respecting copyright – key missions of World Book Day.


📖 Today, let’s celebrate the joys and insights that reading brings to our lives. 

❓ What’s the last book that you enjoyed reading ? ❓ 


You can order a copy of my book on Amazon: 


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