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  • Marwa Kaabour

Marketing and Communications on the Job: A Practical Guide by Marwa Kaabour

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Marcoms, one of the most human-centric fields in existence, is unfortunately taught in the most non-human-centric way- well, sometimes. Visit any bookstore or library and all the Marketing and Communications books will either be written by theoretical academics who have not worked in the industry for decades (and use outdated case studies mentioning mostly global multi-million dollar brands with budgets most marketers wish to have), or more recent authors from award-winning global brands, who many not intentionally mean it, but end up offering examples from their work, that perhaps more than half of marketers of small to mid-size companies may never have the budgets to replicate.

Theories are great, and we all love a motivational read, but unless we are taught how to make success actionable and tangible, then we have not learned much… and all we’re left with are Marketeers who have a lot of smart quotes to share instead of live by. Am I right?

I have condensed my twenty years of experience in the Marketing and Communications field to bring them to you in my new book, Marketing, and Communications on the Job.

Marketing, and Communications on the Job book

My book is finally out!

The book talks about starting a Marketing department from scratch, PR, Media, Events, Sponsorships, and Marcomm strategies from a practical perspective with tangible tools you can use every day.

It will also include valuable gems of knowledge I have accumulated during my career working in industries like Manufacturing, F&B, Airlines, Banking, Automotive, and many more.

Whether you’re on the media or advertising side hoping to “move to client-side”, an aspiring student, or a well-versed marketeer wanting to refresh on the basics, then this book is for you!

Visit Amazon at to grab your copy today!

Warm regards,

Marwa Kaabour



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