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  • Marwa Kaabour

Automation in Logistics

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

🌍 As E-commerce is rising across the globe, there are some big opportunities for the logistics sector, and along the way, some uncertainties, which technology and automation can resolve.

McKinsey & Company Global estimates that the transportation and warehousing industries have the 3rd highest potential for automation. 🛳 🚗 🛬

➡ In last week’s panel at the Logistics News ME I had the opportunity to sit down with industry leaders to discuss the topic of automation in the Logistics sector.

➡ It is no doubt that the advanced solutions in Robotics are helping companies reduce their costs, but also upskill labor and open better and safer job opportunities for them. This of course, only applies when companies take it to heart to transition their labor force to an upskilled one. Big Data and IOT (Internet of Things) are driving forces in the sector, telematics today help predict the fatigue of drivers, the wear and tear of tires and the consumption of fuel to help reduce emissions. 🤖

🎰 Not only do we see AI in our homes through voice recognition and Netflix shows, but we also see Artificial Intelligence connecting machines and systems across the transportation sector including maritime and railways. AI is helping logistics companies predict the markets, modify orders, control inventory, reroute products and optimize shipping processes.

➡ The UAE government is making major investments in automating the logistics sector, and the total value of those investments are expected to exceed 31 billion dollars in 2026.

➡The top logistics trends in the UAE today are IoT, Robotics, Warehouse Automation, Blockchain and Cloud Computing.

My heartfelt thanks to the wonderful panel that supplied a lot of insights into this topic:

Automation in Logistics
Automation in Logistics


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