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  • Marwa Kaabour

Unlocking Customer Insights: Persona-Based Marketing in the Digital Age

I was recently part of a panel discussion titled “Persona based marketing in a digital age using AI and ML” at GITEX GLOBAL and along with other exciting marketeers Mimi Nicklin and Reda Baybars.

During the panel discussion, we collectively shared our thoughts and insights on customer segmentation, customer persona, ways to elevate customers journey in this day and age, and most importantly how digital form of marketing has taken precedence over human interaction (word of mouth) but not always.

As it was rightfully said by Kate Zabriskie “The customer’s perception is your reality.” And I for one truly believe that customers are an integral part in everything that we do.

It was great to be part of this panel discussion as I got an insight and perspective as to what other marketeers think and the strategies that they implement.



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