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  • Marwa Kaabour

Navigating Change in the Automotive Industry: Insights from TikTok for Business Auto Club

There is so much change around us, both as customers and as businesses. What we call disruption in the automotive industry is nothing but a teleport of opportunities for brands to grow and expand. As a business that has withered change for more than fifty years, we at Al Masaood are ready to take this one on.

I had a wonderful time learning and sharing insights on this transition at TikTok for Business Mena's Auto Club with amazing ladies Sally BalloutMariam Al Rousan, MBA, and Anja Petrovski .

We spoke about the changing taste buds of customer preferences, the need for speed, and the unanswered questions that prevail with the abundance of data generated from connected cars. We also spoke about brand ambassadors and online credibility and how brands can earn a fair share of awareness if they play the game of supporting online communities.

Thank you, TikTok for providing marketers and communication champions a platform to share what drives brands forward, be it opportunities or threats.



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