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  • Marwa Kaabour

Elevating Customer Experience in Events: Insights from ICCA Congress 2021

It was a pleasure speaking about the evolution of events and the insights behind a successful and memorable customer experience in the world of events at the 60th ICCA Congress 2021 part of Abu Dhabi’s Business Week and held at Abu Dhabi Convention & Exhibition Bureau.

We spoke about the importance of drawing a customer journey as a starting priority for event management. The undeniable fact that in-person events provide a rich and sensory experience that could be a lot more memorable than a virtual event, while virtual events provide a broader reach and a more reliable data platform on your customer behaviors and sentiments. ADNEC Group was referenced as a great player in the adoption of sustainable practices in event organization and execution. The introduction of technologies such as IR and VR have helped enrich experiences of events quiet evidently in the B2B realm.

Thank you Oisin Commane from Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week - ADSW for shedding light on the pressing issues of Sustainability in Events and Edward Matti for moderating this interesting discussion.

A great thank you for the organizers and the on-ground media team. Nada Dawood, MBAMotivate Media GroupTaran Singh

ICCA Congress Discussion



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