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  • Marwa Kaabour

Earth Day 2023

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Earth Day is no longer a celebratory topical day; it is a day where we need to take any form of action big or small to help remedy the environmental crisis in our planet.

There are some long-term solutions that you can ponder upon and study how to execute in your professional and personal lives such as :

  • Encouraging sustainable ecosystems from clean air, clean water, organic foods, and choosing safe food production.

  • Protecting the wild – our beautiful green and blue lands are contaminated with plastic, pollution, and all forms of destruction. You can contribute to the protection of what is left sacred through online institutions that champion the cause.

  • Look after the vulnerable - You can also look into ways in which you can offer security to the vulnerable members of our community, survivors of harsh climate episodes, farmers, refugees, and unprivileged children.

  • This of how you can reserve energy – use electric sources of charging and energy.

  • Read – and this is my favorite one – spend some time reading – perhaps with your family and siblings – on what is really happening to the planet.

I spent the morning of Earth Day reading to my children about the current situation with Plastic. We learned about the types of plastic and the sheer fact that it takes over 400 years to degrade and yet won't leave the Earth.

We came to see how much plastic takes part in our daily consumption, transport, and storage habits and how much effort it takes to be conscious about not using or lessening its production.

Here are some facts for you:

Plastic is everywhere around you; in your phones, cars, fridges, and on the airplanes you fly with.

Cities, countries, and companies around the world are banning the use of single-use plastic and this should start at your home. Kudos to Canada for banning single-use plastic in the whole country.

It takes more than 500 years to forever to get rid of one bottle of plastic water.

Plastic trash has been found in the Marine Trench, which is the deepest spot in the ocean that has no people living in it.

On average, an adult human creates more than 1.5 kilos of waste a day!

Toys, shoes, and accessories are mostly plastic, and less than 8% of these get recycled.

You can't escape pollution by going to space, there are enough waste particles and plastic floating in space already!

My thanks to Aubre Andrus and Lonely Planet for taking the time to make this Children’s book.

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Tips for Earth Day 2023


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