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  • Marwa Kaabour

Celebrating Success: Al Masaood's Annual Corporate Iftar & Star Awards Ceremony

It was such a fun experience being the host of Al Masaood's annual Corporate Iftar & Star Awards Ceremony once again. I was very excited and tremendously humbled to see how our work family has largely grown over the years.

We had over 1000 employees come together in an evening of warm family spirit. Here is a beautiful highlight of the event which celebrated the high performers.

A big Thank You goes out to my wonderful team and colleagues who each contributed to this lovely night.

Meiraj Hussain 🎈Bothaina AlaliSahana Konjengbam (CIPD)Mohannad AzemSofiya Poland FCIPSElie Abi DaherRashmika VermaMylene RamosViviana Lorena Robayo Cabrera

Farah K.Marwah EltomWaseelah Al-KhafajiHala HamamChitra PrimandhanaTaif Al Ajeel

Irfan TanselHani TannirRafid AzzawiRichard Foulds

At Al Masaood, we truly are family.


Marwa Kaabour Standing on Stage

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