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  • Marwa Kaabour

Breaking the Bias: Building a World of Gender Equality

Imagine a world where all biases are broken:

A world where it is normal for women to work in industries we see as “masculine.” Automotive, Industrial, Oil&Gas, Manufacturing, Energy, etc.

A world where companies support women every day, rather than just celebrate them once a year.

A world where women don’t have to choose between motherhood & career growth.

A world where women are noticed for the value they bring to the table rather than how they dress.

A world where women of all seniority levels genuinely support one another.

A world where the next generation of little girls knows that anything they dream of is possible for them.

I want this world for my children, don’t you?

The world we are asking for can only exist if we begin building it together.

Let’s #BreakTheBias with our actions, today and every day.

Today is a day I celebrate the great women on my team Marwah EltomWaseelah Al-KhafajiFarah K.Nour Younis and the great bosses that allow us the chance to rise and shine Meiraj Hussain 🎈Irfan TanselHani Tannir#team#work#automotive#career#iwd2022

A special dedication to the young woman leader of my family Maya Kaabour

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