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  • Marwa Kaabour

Al Masaood's Sustainability Report 2022: Leading the Path to Responsible Business

Al Masaood is charting a path to sustainability leadership!

In the midst of global efforts to combat climate change and promote positive business impact for all communities and the planet, Al Masaood and its 21 global brands are actively implementing sustainable business practices in the UAE.

Today, I am happy to share Al Masaood’s Sustainability Report 2022, a testament to our dedication to responsible business ethos towards local communities and the environment in which we operate.

This report highlights the steps Al Masaood Group has taken to integrate sustainability into all aspects of its operations, fostering positive change for society and the planet. From sustainable products to ethical sourcing practices and green technology, we're embracing our collective responsibility to build a greener tomorrow.

Join us in our mission to chart a path to sustainable business practices that safeguard the future of our planet. I invite you to explore our Sustainability Report, an imperative resource that highlights Al Masaood Group’s sustainability initiatives and progress.

Visit our website to learn more about Al Masaood's Sustainability Report 2020-2022:

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